Commercial shipping

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Our extensive knowledge and experience in international relocation and specialised cargo moving allows us to offer wide range of commercial shipping services at affordable rates.

We’re the perfect single source for all your transportation needs as we reduce costs and save you both time and money. One call, one invoice provided by one consistent quality transportation supplier.

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Groupage truck service

We offer group truck services with weekly departures, on-demand for our clients. We can also arrange any collections directly, using international courier trucks.

Full truck service

We will ship your non-hazardous, commercial cargo (goods that will be used for resale overseas) safely to almost any port in the world!

Moving good can be shipped in full 20’ or 40’ containers, or less-than-full container loads. Note that this service is available for both normal and ADR goods.

Shipping methods:

By either live load or drop off method, we will bring the container to your warehouse or specified location, where you can load and secure your packed commercial goods in the dry, metal container.

Or, if you are moving commercial goods less than a container load, your boxes of commercial goods can be delivered to one of the receiving and loading warehouses/terminals listed on our website.

Giving a unique exposure to serve all the clients whether national or international, our international moving industry is achieving a lot of success day by day. The sole intention is to serve you with worldwide shipping experience by considering all your personal and commercial needs.

We will also include the insurance rate for your shipment when we reply to you with a quote. Please contact us to get an instant quote.

Which freight option is right for you?


Faster than sea freight
Cheaper than air freight.
Transit times:
Europe: 2 to 60 days
depending on destination


Cheapest transport method.
Transit times:
Africa: 12 to 18
Australia: 36 to 57
China & India: 26 to 42
Europe: 7 to 14
India: 20 to 35
Latin America: 13 to 28
Middle East: 16 to 38
North America: 10


Fastest shipping method.
Not suitable for heavy shipment.
Transit times:
Europe: 2 to 5 days
Asia & Middle East: 3 to 5 days
North America: 4 to 7 days