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Air Freight

DFS Worldwide provides a worldwide network for all of your air freight needs, with granted and time-defined services, supported by preferred carriers. We offer fixed schedules on all main routes and competitive rates for all time and cost requirements.

DFS can also offer a charter service from all types and sizes of aircraft, if the cargo is too large for loading/unloading, or if it must arrive at the destination at the earliest available opportunity.

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Sea Freight (Container shipping)

Sea freight is a cost effective method of transport for your goods. We can offer Door to port service for less-than full container shipments LCL and full container loads FCL to all world's major ports.
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Road Freight

Providing international and domestic road transport, we use dedicated vehicles for your urgent consignments and console transport for Groupage services between Europe, Turkey, Iraq and C.I.S countries.
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International transport documentation

Transport documentation is needed to provide instructions to the carrier on what should be done with the goods. They can be used to pass responsibility for, and sometimes ownership of, the goods during their journey.

  • If you are exporting goods, you typically complete an Export Cargo Shipping Instruction giving the freight forwarder details of the goods and how they are to reach their destination.

  • You also normally complete a Standard Shipping Note, telling the port how to handle the goods.

  • The carrier should provide you with documentary evidence that they have received the goods, eg a bill of lading or a waybill. You should keep any documents as evidence in case of later problems with the shipment.

  • A CIM Consignment Note gives details of the goods being transported. If you are shipping dangerous goods, you must also complete a dangerous goods declaration. See the guide on moving dangerous goods.

  • You may need to insure the goods, and you may also be required to provide proof of insurance to your customer, particularly if you are passing on the costs. You should discuss what documentation is required with your customer and your insurer. See the guide on transport insurance.

Read an overview of how to complete key transport documents in the guide on transport document completion. For more information on transport issues, please contact us.

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