UK/Afghanistan Shipping

Air Freight cost to Afghanistan (guide price)

London Heathrow Airport to Kabul Airport:
50 kg   → £229.50
200 kg → £598.00
500 kg → £1365.00

London Heathrow Airport to Kandahar Airport:
50 kg   → 229.50
200 kg → £648.00
500 kg → £1490.00

* Documentation surcharge applies to any shipping to Afghanistan.
* To obtain an accurate quote, please use our online quotation form provided.

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Afghanistan Cargo Service

DFS Worldwide provides cargo services to all areas of Afghanistan.
Our track record of success in shipping to Afghanistan is assured by quality logistics
operators on the ground, communications within a network of highly specialized
individuals, and a high level of expertise in air freight.

We are dedicated to providing time critical logistics solutions to Afghanistan with
optimal security and effectiveness in the face of often difficult circumstances.

Our hipping services to Afghanistan

  • Door to door shipping to Afghanistan
  • Air freight charters
  • Documentation
  • Intl Communications
  • Afghanistan freight Insurance
  • Secure warehousing
  • Inland handling & transport
  • Express vehicle shipping

Afghanistan: Which freight option is right for you?


Faster than sea freight
Road freight to Afghanistan:
up to 18 days


Cheapest transport method.
Sea freight to Afghanistan:
up to 40 days


Not suitable for heavy shipment.
Air freight to Afghanistan
2 to 4 days