UK/Iraq Shipping Rates

Air freight to Iraq *

We offer air-freight to Basra, Baghdad and Erbil and Suleymanyeh airport with warehousing capacities in Basra, Baghdad and Erbil.

  • From Heathrow airport London UK to Erbil airport, Iraq
    50 kg: £229.70
    200 kg: £400.00
    500 kg: £925.00

  • From: Heathrow airport London UK to: Baghdad airport, Iraq
    50kg    → £229.70
    200 kg → £400.00
    500 kg → £925.00

  • From: Heathrow airport London UK to: Sulaymaniyah airport, Iraq
    50 kg → £234.50
    200 kg → £668.00
    500 kg → £1540.00

shipping to iraq


UK Sea freight to Umm Qasr/Iraq

Sea-freight solutions are offered via Um Qasr, Aqaba, Mersin  Seaports.

  20ft container  40ft container 
Umm Qasr £910 £1400

* Documentation surcharge applies to any logistics and shipping to Iraq. * To get an accurate shipping rate, please use our online quotation form provided, and submit the requested information.


Iraq freight service

We provide end-to-end supply chain solutions. We provide all 3PL services in and out of Iraq, namely, freight management (all modes of transport), customs brokerage including temporary import and duty exemption approvals for Oil &Gas (O&G) cargoes, contract logistics (warehousing and distribution), intra Iraq haulage.

We are handling overland freight from Europe via Turkey into Northern Iraq, customs clearance at border points as well as inland transportation to/from client facilities.

Full truck service to Iraq

Road freight service with booking of full truck available both for normal and ADR cargo.

Groupage truck service Iraq

  • Groupage truck freight service with weekly departures to Iraq:
    Sulaymaniyah, Baghdad and Erbil.
  • We can also arrange collection directly with international truck.
  • The service is available for normal and ADR goods.

Some of our freight services to Iraq:

  • Commercial logistics cargo and freight
  • Container shipping to Iraq
  • Detailed tracking with Proof of Delivery (POD)
  • Customs handling at ports of Iraq
  • Dry ports and border posts
  • Road transportation
  • Insurance coverage


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Iraq: Which freight option is right for you?


Road freight to Iraq
Full truck and Groupage
14 to 16 days
(Plese contact us)


Container shipping by sea
Cheapest transport method
Sea freight to Iraq Omolghasr:
30 days


Fastest shipping method
Not suitable for heavy shipment
Air freight to Iraq
2 to 4 days