UK Trucking Service

UK Trucking Service

DFS operates full range of direct trucking services from Europe to Middle East Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan and all other major hubs.

We can handle both full truck or groupage shipments by our extensive trucking services.

Our experienced team update our customers everyday from the day your shipment collected until your shipments arrive at destination so you know where exactly your goods are during the transit time.

Unlike many forwarders our trucking service is direct meaning less delay and no damage to your goods.

We can also consult with you regarding export documentation required for your shipments such as certificate of origin, letter of credit queries or any other advise to export different commodities by truck.

At destination we can either deliver your goods at the border or to door step according to your needs.

Please contact us and speak to one of DFS team members about our UK trucking service.

Which freight option is right for you?


Faster than sea freight
Cheaper than air freight.
Transit times:
Europe: 2 to 60 days
depending on destination


Cheapest transport method.
Transit times:
Africa: 12 to 18
Australia: 36 to 57
China & India: 26 to 42
Europe: 7 to 14
India: 20 to 35
Latin America: 13 to 28
Middle East: 16 to 38
North America: 10


Fastest shipping method.
Not suitable for heavy shipment.
Transit times:
Europe: 2 to 5 days
Asia & Middle East: 3 to 5 days
North America: 4 to 7 days