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UK Chemical Logistics and transport services

The chemical industry has some of the strictest trade laws and most intricate regulations, more than most other industries.

This means that efficiency, safety, and risk mitigation are of paramount importance when transporting and storing raw components and finished products.  DFS Worldwide’ considerable expertise in all facets of supply chain management can help you exceed the expectations of your customers, and provide the safety and security your chemicals need when being transported.

To maintain your edge you need to eliminate any and all risk throughout your supply chain, operate efficiently without compromising safety, and maximize partnerships that yield savings and increase profitability.

Here at DFS Worldwide, we’re experts in chemical logistics as well as other key areas such as compliance and trade services and we offer services that will help you meet expectations set by your customers, no matter the challenge set.

We Offer

  • Freight management services
  • Technologies to improve processes, increase profile visibility and help profit/earnings forecast.
  • Global networking services to meet changing market demands
  • Compliant brokerage services that reduce risk of fines, penalties and delays
    • Title 49 CFR HAZMAT certified
    • BIS regulation compliant
    • Fully trained in chemical weapons convention requirements
    • ISO 9001:2000 certified
    • AES and TSA Security Compliant


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