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The clothing industry is often characterised by constant shifts in consumer demand, consumer trends and very short clothing life cycles. A missed shipment, shipments stuck in customs or delays in stock replenishment with key retailers can mean lost sales and can impact your brand severely.

DFS Worldwide serves plenty of clients in the fashion, textiles, footwear and accessories sector and understands the high requirements of retailers and the complexity of sourcing materials and products from all over the globe.

Our expert trade consultants can help you make sourcing decisions, as they come equipped with landed costs and a deep understanding of the regulatory environment that polices the clothing sector. Our offices provide swift freight management, deconsolidation and custom clearance, including the proper preparation of entries and documents. DFS Worldwide can ensure full compliance with customs and expedite the clearance of your goods quickly and efficiently.

From labelling, to gift wrapping, to custom cards for your eCommerce channel or any other store ready requirements, DFS Worldwide’ supply chain provide the flexible value-added services needed to manage your eCommerce and store replenishment strategies.

With facilities in all the major cities in the UK as well as our expert transportation management services, we can design a network of facilities to keep product stock close to your customers and keep transportation costs as low as possible, and within easy reach.

DFS Worldwide’ flexibility and customer-centric approach allows us to expand space to your needs during promotions, product launches and seasonal spikes in demand; see our ‘Services’ section for a full list of facilities that we provide.

We offer

  • Air and Ocean Freight transportation
  • Customs and Trade Compliance
  • Retail Compliance
  • Store Restocking and eCommerce Fulfilment
  • Inbound and Outbound Transportation Management services
  • Small Parcel Delivery Solutions
  • Value-Added Services such as tagging, labelling, and store preparation services


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