Consumer Electronics Logistics

Consumer Electronics Logistics
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In consumer electronics, getting everything delivered in time is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Whether a new piece of technology has just been released or a specific store needs their stock replenishing, DFS Worldwide understands that time is of the essence when it comes to tech.

We have developed plenty of expert solutions for technology companies just like yours, and our experts have a complete understanding of your needs and how to provide solutions to any logistic challenges you may have.

Price erosion happens for any consumer electronic products that have been out for a long period of time, and this has made cost effectiveness in the supply chain a key ingredient for maintaining profitability.

DFS Worldwide understands various elements in the CE logistics area, which helps up to maintain and improve profitability in your business, no matter the situation.

Technology Logistics

With the ever-changing market for technology, the short lifespan of products makes timing crucial for success. DFS Worldwide’ solution allows you to have full end-to-end visibility of your product, starting from overseas parts manufacturers, all the way to final shipments to the end-customer.

Our professional international services, managed transportation and warehousing gives you the visibility and versatility you need to dominate the CE market. – see our ‘Services’ page for a list of warehousing facilities we offer and much more.

Reverse Logistics

DFS Worldwide’ reverse logistics processes are trusted by some of the largest CE companies around the UK; from converting part numbers to sending back to the OEM through our Warehouse Management System (WMS), even re-shrinkwrapping products from a retail store, DFS Worldwide is able to engineer effective solutions that help you get started and increasing profitability.

Value Added Services

At DFS Worldwide, we understand how effective it is for one company to offer additional services that are needed; which is why DFS Worldwide offers additional services including laser etching, gift freight-option, promotional packs, etc. on top of our standard service selection.

\We have considerable experience in providing value-added services in the most economical and effective manner – meaning you don’t have to shop around foranother reliable company.

Quality, Compliance, and Licensing

With the various channels a product goes through in its lifecycle, it is important to know that you have safety and security in your supply chain when it comes to your electronics.

Here at DFS Worldwide, we give you that peace of mind. We’re proud to provide years of experience and expertise to you and we are constantly evolving our strategies and services alongside the CE industry, to match the pace and demand for quality logistics in the consumer electronics sector.


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