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Food & Drinks Logistics
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UK Food & Drinks Logistics services

Retail Compliance

With so many food and drink customers shipping to big box retailers, DFS Worldwide accommodates retailer mandated labelling requirements, to ensure full compliance on every shipment. From inbound drayage to re-packing product for special club store packs, we can provide a full end-to-end supply chain solution for your business.

Product Visibility

DFS Worldwide has the ability to provide batch tracking, FIFO/ LIFO/FEFO inventory control, and batch code management, in a real time environment so in the case of a recall; the whole process is seamless and stress-free. In addition to that, the system is deployed in all of our distribution centres, so there are no fragmentations when it comes to product distribution or recall.

Flexibility for you and your business

As with many industries, the demand at various points in the year fluctuates greatly in the food and drink industry.Our multi-client warehousing solution allows our customers to use their space to efficiently manage spikes (whether those spikes are increasing or decreasing) in activity in either a primary or short term secondary location.

Whether it is a confectionery company going into the holidays, or a beer company performing a major product launch, we make sure that you can scale up and down as your needs require, no matter what type of food or drink you sell.


  • Food Grade Facilities
  • CTPAT certified
  • Selected facilities are AIB or ASI and GMP certified.


  • Value-added services such as cross docking, quality inspections,  returns management, re-packing, and labelling available
  • Temperature-controlled Storage
  • Ambient Storage


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