Live Stock Transport

live stock transport

One day old chicks and hatching eggs

When it comes to shipping live stock, such as one-day old chicks from country to country, it pays to have a specialist shipping company involved, due to the sensitivity of the commodity and risks involved in logistics.

DFS worldwide has moved hundreds of tons of one day old chicks and hatching eggs during over the past several years and has a dedicated team to deal with this type of projects in a professional and considerate manner.


No matter where in the world you need to ship we can:

  • Offer you air freight solutions for one day old chicks (baby poultry)
  • Offer you airfreight solutions for hatching eggs or where possible trucking solutions.

Questions on Logistics & Transport Management?

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  • Or email us directly: [email protected]
  • Or call 020 8867 0904 & ask for our commercial logistics specialist.

live stock transport

Which freight option is right for you?


Faster than sea freight
Cheaper than air freight.
Transit times:
Europe: 2 to 60 days
depending on destination


Cheapest transport method.
Transit times:
Africa: 12 to 18
Australia: 36 to 57
China & India: 26 to 42
Europe: 7 to 14
India: 20 to 35
Latin America: 13 to 28
Middle East: 16 to 38
North America: 10


Fastest shipping method.
Not suitable for heavy shipment.
Transit times:
Europe: 2 to 5 days
Asia & Middle East: 3 to 5 days
North America: 4 to 7 days