UK ⇆ Belarus Shipping Rates 2019

UK ⇆ Belarus
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Commercial shipping

We offer bespoke prices and contract rates based on your consignment’s volume and regularity. We help you to understand your business needs and offer you a rate and service that suits your business.

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Full Truck Load Rate

Road freight to Belarus
  • From Feltham UK to Minsk, Belarus £2219
  • From Minsk, Belarus to Feltham UK £2678

* Documentation surcharge applies to any shipping to Belarus.
* For an accurate price, please use our online quotation form above and provide detailed information about your shipment requirement to Belarus.

Transit time to Minsk

Our transit time to the customs terminal in the capital Minsk is typically just 7 days for business-to-business freight to Belarus.

Pallet sizes

Whatever your load, we offer competitive rates for 120×100cm or 120×80cm base pallets, printers pallets, plastic pallets, wooden pallets, cartons and boxes.

So whether you have a full load, a part load, or groupage to Belarus – get a rate from us first.

Exporting to Belarus

European Commission: Belarus
Summary of trade between the EU and Belarus, with statistics on trade in goods and services and foreign direct investment. It describes trade agreements or relationships with the EU and points to the rules and requirements for trading with Belarus.

Economic and political outlook

Belarus Country Monitor
IHS Global
A regularly updated report providing assessment of the short, medium and long term outlook for Belarus. The publication includes a five year forecast for key indicators, including economic growth and inflation. It also features analysis of labour markets, exchange rates, economic development, external trade, natural resources and key industry sectors. 

More forecasts and indicators

EIU country profile: Belarus
Economist Intelligence Unit
Up-to-date highlights covering the economy, political outlook, credit risk, regulatory assessment, business environment and key industry sectors.

Trade data

Belarus: Economic indicators
Trading economics
Information, including historical data, for a range of economic indicators, exchange rates, stock market indexes, government bond yields and commodity prices. Data is based on official sources, and facts are regularly checked for inconsistencies.

Business environment

On our Doing Business in Belarus page you can find information on the business environment, local law and support networks.


We can provide ICAEW members with financial data and reports for companies in this country through our company research service.

Risk and insolvency

Economic studies: Belarus
Profile regularly updated by the credit insurance group. It gives a general risk assessment, detailed information on means of payment and collection methods in Belarus, insolvency trend data and a comparison against the payment incident index.

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