UK/Uzbekistan Shipping Rates 2019

UK ⇆ Uzbekistan
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Commercial shipping

We offer bespoke prices and contract rates based on your consignment’s volume and regularity. We help you to understand your business needs and offer you a rate and service that suits your business.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss your commercial shipping needs:

Direct line:
020 8867 0904 option 1.

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Sea Freight

FCL rates

Uzbekistan 20ft container  40ft container 
Port of Uzbekistan £690.00 £955.00

LCL rates

LCL shipping from our London office in Feltham TW14 post code to Uzbekistan ports

Total Volume *  
1 CBM £204.00
5 CBM £499.00
10 CBM £825.00

Air Freight

  • Delivery of cargo can vary from 2 - 4 working days form Door to airport
  • London Heathrow - Samarkand International Airport
Destination 50 kilos 200 kilos 500 kilos
Samarkand International Airport £149.00 £380.00 £843.00

* Documentation surcharge applies to any shipping to Uzbekistan.
* For an accurate pricing, please use our online quotation form above and provide detailed information about your shipment requirement to Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan freight options