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We work closely with Storage Inn company in London to provide professional, safe and secure storage for thousands of households throughout the country. Please use storage calculator to get an idea of rates.

Storage Calculator

In today's moving market, secure storage has an increasingly important role to play. It can mean the difference between keeping and losing a sale.

Placing your goods into storage, at even the shortest of notice and for as long as necessary, allows you total flexibility. It will enable you to move out on time and let your buyers move in and preserve the chain.

Reasons to store

  • If you need a 'stop gap' during the move process
  • If you are moving into rented accommodation prior to purchasing a new home.
  • If you are renovating, building or decorating and need to store items to create space.
  • If you are working from home and require convenient storage of documents and items
  • If you are renting your home and want to keep your possessions safe and secure.

What you'll get

  • Competitive prices: Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Peace of mind: state of the art security
  • Help when you need it: fully staffed centers
  • Freedom: store from just a week
  • Convenience: deliveries and collections taken on your behalf
  • Flexibility: change your storage unit size at short notice

Freight options