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Questions on Logistics & Transport Management?

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Our Logistics Services

Dedicated Warehousing

With our uniquely dedicated warehousing solutions, your facility size, layout and systems are driven by your unique needs. No matter what your logistics needs are, our solid nationwide presence gives us extensive experience and expertise in various labour markets and allow us to provide all available resources for seamless start up support.

Value Added Services

Daily Logistics Services provides value-added services that go far beyond the receiving and storage of freight. Performing a wide array of value-added services provides customers the opportunity to merge several activities under one roof.

This allows for a more effective and efficient use of available resources, like labour. Examples include label/barcode creations, systems driven kitting module, special packaging, routing guide management for retail order shipments, international shipment documentation management, light assembly/repair work, demo kitting, etc.

Network Design & Optimization

We will work with your team to analyze the following components to develop a network design recommendation.  Areas of review will include:

  • Current State Operations
  • Alternative Business Models
  • Labour management
  • Future Business Growth (shipping)
  • Future Inventory Requirements

The expected results of the analysis will be a detailed design of multiple network scenarios including their total costs (facilities, operational costs, inventory and transportation) as well as an overall recommendation to pursue.

Cross Docking

In order to assist companies in reducing warehouse costs, increase the rate at which orders are filled, and to shorten delivery lead times, Daily Logistics Services provides cross docking services.

This service allows us to break down the received items at the loading dock and match them with final destination orders.  Cross docking eliminates the costs associated with traditional warehousing.


Since it is not always practical to warehouse items in their usable state, postponement is a valuable service in the logistics industry. Daily Logistics Services provides build-to-order services where final assembly of the finished product is performed to customer specifications just prior to shipping.

Which freight option is right for you?


Faster than sea freight
Cheaper than air freight.
Transit times:
Europe: 2 to 60 days
depending on destination


Cheapest transport method.
Transit times:
Africa: 12 to 18
Australia: 36 to 57
China & India: 26 to 42
Europe: 7 to 14
India: 20 to 35
Latin America: 13 to 28
Middle East: 16 to 38
North America: 10


Fastest shipping method.
Not suitable for heavy shipment.
Transit times:
Europe: 2 to 5 days
Asia & Middle East: 3 to 5 days
North America: 4 to 7 days