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Sea Freight

sea freight to Australia

Collection from London post code to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane port:

Rates Includes: BAF/GAS/SUZ/MAR/THC

Freight prepaid only Subject to DOC/All destination surcharges & valid additions
P.O.L P.O.D Transhipment via. 20' BOX 40' box 40' HQ
Southampton Adelaide, Australia Singapore £640.00 £1130.00 £1130.00
Southampton Brisbane, Australia Singapore £640.00 £1130.00 £1130.00
Southampton Fremantle, Australia Singapore £640.00 £1130.00 £1130.00
Southampton Melbourne, Australia Singapore £640.00 £1130.00 £1130.00
Southampton Sydney, Australia Singapore £640.00 £1130.00 £1130.00
Southampton Devonport, Australia Singapore/Melbourne £1300.00    £2360.00 £2360.00
Southampton Auckland, New Zealand Singapore £795.00 £1300.0 £1300.00
Southampton Lyttelton, New Zealand Singapore £795.00 £1300.00 £1300.00
Southampton Napier, New Zealand Singapore £795.00 £1300.00 £1300.00
Southampton Port Chalmers, New Zealand Singapore £795.00 £1300.00 £1300.00
Southampton Tauranga, New Zealand Singapore £795.00 £1300.00 £1300.00
Southampton Wellington, New Zealand Singapore £795.00 £1300.00 £1300.00

Sea Freight LCL

Part Load Examples
Collection- west London
Delivery: Sydney, Melbourne port:

  • 1 CBM →  £130.00
  • 2 CBM →  £190.00
  • 3 CMB →  £350.00
    (Each cube is 100 x 100 x 100  CMS)

Air rreight

Heathrow airport to Sydney airport or Melbourne airport: (Airport to Airport price guideline)

  • 50 kg →  £150.00
  • 100kg → £240.00
  • 200kg → £420.00

We collect from any post code in the UK and deliver to any airport in Australia. We can also deliver to door in Australia. We also quote from anywhere in Australia to any postcode in the UK.

For any additional enquiries please contact the office directly or complete our online shipping quote in this page (opposite) so we can get back to you with the best price.

* Rates are subject to space availability and may change without prior notice.
* This special offer is valid for general cargo and does not include any hazardous, valuable or live stock cargo.

Personal Effects

Personal Effect’s customs clearance & door delivery to Australia

Cargo is classed as personal effects if you have used and owned them for more than 12 months.

If you have not owned and used the items for a period longer than 12 months, the items are considered as commercial cargo and may require payment of duties/ tax’s by Australian customs and will be handled in a different way.

Your personal effects must comply with Australian quarantine and may require an AQIS inspection which we can arrange for you , if you have a Full 20 foot or 40’ container with only your cargo in the container , the container will need to be unpacked and inspected by Quarantine at a customs/quarantine quarantine depot.

*******Containers cannot be delivered to your residential addresses.

Documentation required for clearing your personal effects:

  • Fully completed Australian unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement.
  • Copy of your house bill of lading.
  • Owner of the items full name, delivery address & contact phone number.
  • A detailed inventory list of your cargo.
  • Copies of your passport including clear photo page.
  • Any import permits for motor vehicles.
  • 2 other forms of identification.

We can handle all your customs clearance, quarantine and door delivery requirements please contact our office for options and costs involved.

Alternatively you can arrange your own customs and quarantine clearance; see below procedure although it is recommended you nominate a customs broker to handle this on your behalf.

Steps to manage your own customs and quarantine clearance:

First, you will need to take all above documents to the Customs office in your port/airport of arrival.

Once Customs and Quarantine have cleared your shipment, take your paperwork to the depot listed on our Delivery Order.

After containers have been unpacked, and goods available, you generally have 3 days to collect your shipment, after that storage fees will apply (Minimum $130.00 per day in some depots).

It is your responsibility to check with the depot on available dates. Quarantine will often want to inspect your shipment so to avoid storage costs, you will need to action your customs clearance immediately usually before the vessel arrives.

Please note if you have NOT completed customs and quarantine requirements before storage starts on the cargo (this includes any quarantine inspections) you will be liable to pay storage fees at the depot upon pick up of your cargo.

Shipping your car or caravan to Australia?

caravan shipping

We can arrange for your car or caravan to be collected and brought to our depot where our experienced staff will prepare it for shipment. Some external components are removed as requested, movable internal items are secured and the windows and outer edges are protected.

Then the car or caravan is secured within a container to ensure maximum protection and promote total confidence for the safety of the vehicle while in transit.

On arrival in the port of destination ,we can manage the local customs clearance process and assist with Duty and Tax procedures.

Your car/caravan/RV is carefully unpacked then cleared through under our care, we can arrange for it to be delivered to your choice of destination, providing a truly comprehensive door-to-door service.

Why DFS Worldwide?

We are able to advise and quote on the most suitable way of sending your goods to Australia, safe, reliable and economical. Sea or air freight, economy or express shipping, shipping to arrival port or airport and door-to-door services.

We provide you with options to choose and compare different shipping methods to Australia. With daily flights and weekly sailings, we act quickly and responsibly to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We will guide you through the documentation and declaration requirements and take control for you this end - and when your consignment arrives in Australia at any of the major ports or airports, our Australian partners are on hand for customs clearance and final delivery.

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