UK/China Shipping Rates
Container sea freight

China Shipping Rates

LCL export rates from London TW14 to main China ports

Origin port Destination port Ocean Freight Ratio
Feltham TW14 HONG KONG $15.00 P/Cube
Feltham TW14 SHANGHAI $15.00 P/Cube
Feltham TW14 NINGBO $40.00 P/Cube
Feltham TW14 YANTIAN $125.00 P/Cube
  • P/Cube=100cm x100cm x100cm
  • Currency: USD


POL POD Carrier 20' GP 40' GP 40' HC Etd T/T LSS(Low Sulphur Surcharge)
Hongkong Felixstowe EMC 900 1600 1700 Sat 24 USD20/40/40
Yantian Felixstowe EMC 900 1600 1700 Sun 25 USD20/40/40
Yantian Southampton Maersk 1000 1700 1700 Wed 29 USD30/60/60
Felixstowe Maersk 1000 1700 1700 Mon 24 USD15/30/30
Yantian Felixstowe Hanjin 1000 1800 1900 Fri 28 USD25/50/50
Xiamen Felixstowe EMC 950 1700 1800 Mon 26 USD20/40/40
Xiamen Felixstowe Maersk 100 1700 1700 Tue 33 USD15/30/30
Shanghai Felixstowe EMC 900 1600 1700 Thu 28 USD20/40/40
Shanghai Felixstowe Hanjin 1000 1800 1900 Thu 28 USD25/50/50
Shanghai Felixstowe Maersk 1000 1700 1700 Sat 29 USD15/30/30
Shanghai Southampton HPL 950 1750 1850 Mon 29 USD30/60/60
Southampton Maersk 1000 1700 1750 Sat 28 USD15/30/30
Ningbo Felixstowe EMC 900 1600 1700 Fri 26 USD20/40/40
Ningbo Felixstowe Maersk 1000 1700 1700 Mon 30 USD15/30/30
Ningbo Southampton HPL 950 1750 1850 Sat 29 USD30/60/60
Ningbo Felixstowe Hanjin 1000 1800 1900 Fri 28 USD25/50/50
Qingdao Felixstowe Hamburg-Sur 900 1600 1650 Fri 36 USD15/30/30



FCL - Full container load rates

From Felixstowe and Southampton to main ports in China

Destination port (POD) Felixstowe
Southampton (POA)
20' 40'
HONG KONG $450 $550
SHANGHAI $450 $550
YANTIAN $450 $550
NINGBO $450 $550


FCL - Full container load rates

From main China ports to Felixstowe port, UK

HONG KONG Felixstowe $1250 $2350
SHANGHAI Felixstowe $1250 $2350
YANTIAN Felixstowe $1250 $2350
NINGBO Felixstowe $1250 $2350



LCL - Less than container load rates

From main China ports to Southampton and Felixstowe port, UK

Origin port Destination port Sea freight Ratio
Hong Kong Southampton $50.00 P/Cube
Hong Kong Felixstowe $50.00 P/Cube
Hong Kong Manchester $80.00 P/Cube
Ningbo Felixstowe $50.00 P/Cube
Ningbo Southampton $50.00 P/Cube
Ningbo Manchester $80.00 P/Cube
Shanghai Southampton $50.00 P/Cube
Shanghai Felixstowe $50.00 P/Cube
Shanghai Manchester $80.00 P/Cube
Yantian Southampton $50.00 P/Cube
Yantian Felixstowe $50.00 P/Cube
Yantian Manchester $80.00 P/Cube
  • P/Cube=100cm x100cm x100cm   


Our sea freight service: (Less Container Load)

  • Port to Port service.
  • Enjoy our free collection service from anywhere within London UK!
  • We can ship personal effects cargo with commercial cargo using our sea freight service.

    For any additional enquirers please contact the office directly or complete our online shipping quote in this page (opposite) so we can get back to you with the best price.

    * Rates are subject to space availability and may change without prior notice.
    * This special offer is valid for general cargo and does not include any hazardous, valuable or live stock cargo.

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Import and Export from China

If you thinking of exporting from China to UK or importing from UK to China, you need to see the experts. In shipping and forwarding business, it is all about the contacts and knowing the right people to handle your shipment in the best possible way.

DFS Worldwide as an approved agent by IATA and BIFA and has established strong partnership with the most reliable agents all over China and Hong Kong.

Here is some examples of how we can help:

  • You have ordered your goods from a factory in China and need an agent to collect and deliver to your door in Europe, USA or any other part of the world.

  • You are planning to send your goods from Europe to China

  • Your agent has arranged an export from China to the UK and you just need clearance and delivery in the UK.

  • All the above services are applicable for air freight, sea freight, either full container or LCL services.

We also offer UK bonded warehouse & storage facility with distributions as well as packing services.

Please email your enquiry to: [email protected]

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China: Which freight option is right for you?


UK Road freight from/to China
Full truck and Groupage
over 25 days


UK/China container shipping
The most cost effective way
26 to 42 days


Fastest UK/China shipping method
China air freight takes:
4 to 7 days