UK Automotive Logistics Service

Global suppliers, shifting production schedules and multiple SKUs all contribute further complexity to automotive logistics. As such, you need a partnering company that can handle all of the complex logistics and import tasks that come with global automotive logistics. DFS Worldwide can be that company.

We offer:

  • Full support of inbound/outbound transportation and logistics needs
  • Worldwide freight management
  • International trade expertise and advice
  • Flexible and scalable warehousing and fulfilment services (see Our Services for more detail.)
  • Value added services such as kitting and assembly

So if you’re in the automotive industry and need a friendly, efficient and trustworthy logistics business to take care of things once they leave your warehouse, talk to us. We promise a high quality service!

UK Automotive Logistics Service


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  • Or email us directly: [email protected]
  • Or call 020 8867 0904 & ask for our commercial logistics specialist.

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